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Traditional Hand-Finished Sails

Customized for Your Kind of Sailing

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Tradition Meets Technology

Although we use modern materials and the latest technology, our approach to detail and customer satisfaction is distinctly old-fashioned — we listen to you, and then build each sail to suit your exact sailing requirements and to meet your boat's specifications.

From mains to mizzens, spinnakers to storm sails, each sail is constructed with meticulous attention to every detail. Using proven designs for cruising sailboats — our standard sails are triple-stitched on all seams, reinforced corner and reef patches throughout.

Standard too are hydraulically pressed rings, alloy headboards, regular leech battens, webbing reinforcement on corner rings, leather chafe guard, webbed-on mast and boom hardware, leech lines, draft stripes and tell tales. And each sail we build can be repaired in an emergency with materials that you can carry on board.

If you're contemplating new sails, come visit the loft and see what we can do for you.

Custom Sails Made to Order

Main and Mizzen Sails

Standard sails include:
  • Crosscut design
  • Triple stitching on all the panel seams,
    Heavy corner and reef patches
  • Hydraulically pressed rings, alloy headboards, regular leech battens
  • Webbing reinforcement corner rings
  • Leather chafe guard
  • webbed-on mast and boom hardware
  • Leech lines, draft stripes and tell tales

Cruising Spinnakers

  • Tri-radial design with horizontal center panels
  • High quality ripstop nylon fabric
  • All seams folded with triple-step zig-zag stitching
  • Reinforced radial corner patches

Genoa's and Jibs

  • Crosscut design of top quality Dacron
  • All seams triple stitched
  • Heavy corner patches, webbing, leather reinforced corner rings
  • Leech and foot lines
  • Draft stripes and telltales

Storm Sails

  • Storm jib for winds above 35 + knots
  • Storm tri sail replaces main to bring the center of effort closer to the deck in extreme weather conditions.

There are many options available which we will be happy to discuss with you as we design your sail.

Rigging and Sail-handling Systems

  • Furling Systems (CDI & Furlex)
  • Hayn Marine—Rigging, Fittings and Wire
  • Bainbridge International
  • New England Rope
  • ATN Products
  • Sunbrella Marine Fabrics
  • Challenge Sailcloth
  • Dutchman Sail Flaking Systems
  • Tides Strong Track Systems  

Services Available

  • We offer splicing services for all types of running rigging, anchor rodes and dock lines. Splicing rope eyes, end-to-end butt splices and rope to anchor chain are a specialty. We are happy to splice your rope or ours.
  • We will install Dutchman Sail Systems in sails we build as well as retrofit your existing sail.
  • ATN Spinnaker Chutes, Tackers, Top Climbers and Gale sails are always available.
  • We can build you new Life Lines or modify your existing gates and fittings. We use Hayn stainless fittings and wire. Hayn products are manufactured in the US and are simply the best available.
  • Installation of "Strong Track Systems" by Tides Marine
  • You can save hundreds of dollars by installing your own headsail furling-system. We will be happy to guide you through owner installation of CDI or Furlex systems we sell. Both of these systems are designed to be owner installed and are very user friendly.

We are always interested in helping our customers fmd the best products and services available. If you having difficulty locating a specific product or service, please stop by the loft. We may be able to help.